We listen to different kinds of music which suits our mood. Hearing songs is a good habit to get immediate relaxation from the pressure given by the surroundings. If you are a serious music lover, you might spend your time in browsing online streaming music found on the Internet. Also many websites are fully dedicated to give free music. Downloading music and dragging it to our computer or phone is always gives us joy.

But what if the music website is not giving you an option to download the song and only having a choice to listen to the streaming audio? It is because of the copyright laws and some other security measures. However, there is a way to record the streaming audio from any website is to simply capture it through the sound card provided on your computer. There are some software programs which can be able to record audio whatever is being played your computer's speaker. 

I'm going to show you some freeware, shareware and premium software programs. The freeware versions will mostly comes with limited features. So, you could opt to buy pro version. 


You might heard about Audacity. If not, then have a look at this software. Audacity is completely a open source sound editor and recorder. Why I chose this software as my first wish is because I think it is the best music editor and also a perfect sound recorder. 

Firstly, the Audacity looks difficult to use, but once you adopted to it, then you won't ever uninstall it from your computer system. Change the settings in the preferences mode, you would find it as user-friendly software. 

Also, by default because of software patents, Audacity cannot export a recording to MP3 file format. If you want to do this, you have to install the LAME MP3 Encoder for Audacity.


Krut is a freeware program which is used to capture both video and audio formats separately. I think this function of separation makes us convenient to use this software regularly. 

Although the audio format is saved as WAV format, it is very easy to convert this format to mp3 or some other formats by using offline tools. Not only this, but any type of audio format can be easily converted online.


CamStudio is also an open-source freeware software which enables you to record the audio being played by your computer. The UI is very basic and you don't find it as weird to use when comparing it to other software which I have mentioned above in this post.

It records audio to AVI format and I repeat that you could use some other programs to convert the audio file format. 

Aktiv Mp3 Recorder

Aktiv Mp3 Recorder is a good and user friendly software which can record any audio from any online website or any application. Mostly, the audio file will be saved as Mp3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AU, VOX and AIFF.

Audio Hijack Pro

Audio Hijack Pro is seems to be the best sound recorder for Mac OS X. It can record the audio from itunes, real player, safari, etc. Not only this, but it can also record the system sounds too.

It can records audio in multiple formats such as Mp3, WAV, AVI, etc and so on. Trial version of Audio Hijack Pro is available to try. It has got a lot of features to explore and it's cost is just 33$. It is worth the cost and so better you could buy it.

Wire Tap Studio

Wire Tap Studio is just like Audio Hijack Pro but it cannot be an alternative to it. It is because Wire Tap Studio is comes with abundant features and it is user friendly to use. It's a bit more expensive than Audio Hijack Pro and it's cost is 69$.

How To Record Internet Radio?

Do you like to listen any music via Internet radio, if yes, then you won't like to miss a chance to record your favorite audio you are listening to it. Here I'm going to suggest your some Internet radio recorders which you will surely find it as useful.


ScreamerRadio is one of the best radio recorders which is freely available to download. Through the ScreamerRadio, you could listen more than 3000 radio stations on the go. 

Just click on record button to capture the radio stations and so you can get the favorite songs easily.


The well-known fm radio is Spotify. If you are a spotify listener, then use this simple tool. It is specially built to record Spotify fm radio station. 

It could take your little time to setup the program for recording the audio. But once you have configured it correctly, you would stick to this recorder.

To Sum Up

So, here I have given the possible ways to record, download and save the streaming audio online. If you know any other solution to catch the music, then please do let me know via comments.

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