Currently, Google Adsense is the best CPC Ad network. It also allows the blogpsot bloggers to publish ads on their blogs. Every blogger's aim is to increase the blog traffic and earnings. So a blogger is learning new things everyday to get more income from Google Adsense. Generally, a blog is getting huge traffic from PC users. Nowadays, people use mobile phones to surf the web. 

30 percent of a blog's traffic comes from mobile devices.  Most of the bloggers who use "Blogger" as their blogging platform are unable to make money from mobile traffic. If the mobile version of your blog does not show Ads, then solely you are getting page views only but earning none. Then what is the use of being an Adsense publisher who simply cannot make income from his blog's mobile traffic? Having unique articles is not only enough to generate money but a blog having responsive design with ads can only do the job. 

Blogger platform provides two different kinds of templates. One is the web version template and another is the mobile version template. There is not much of options to access the mobile version template in blogger. In this post, I'm going to tell you simple tricks to display ads on mobile version of blogger/blogspot template. 

My Blog's Mobile Version Templates is Showing Adsesne ads :)

In the mobile version template of blogger, only two ads will appear. One is on the top of blog title which is a rectangular ad unit and another one on the bottom of blog or just above the profile which is a square ad unit.

Just for an example, here you could see some screenshots which is showing the look of my blog in mobile version template with and without ads.

Ads on Top on Mobile Version Template

Ads on Bottom on Mobile Version Template

Step 1: Enable Ads on BLog

  • First of all, you need to enable ads on blog. To do this, go to Blogger > Login > Dashboard > Earnings.
  • Click on Yes radio button on Show ads on blog option.
  • On the Display option, choose the location to display ads on your blog.
  • Click on Save settings.

Wait for few seconds, then your blog will show ads. This is the default option to display ads on your blog. But most of the bloggers insert ad code from Adsesne account by using the html/Javascript gadget. If you prefer second option, the default option will get disabled. To overcome this, you need to use the Adsense gadget (Layout > Add a gadget > Adsense) to show at least one ad. 

Adsense allows it's publisher to show 3 adsense ad units per page. So, display one ad by using default Adsesne gadget and insert the ad codes to execute other 2 ads. Hope you understand what I'm saying.

Step 2: Customizing Mobile Version Template

  • Go to Template.
  • On the Mobile section, click on setting gear option beneath it to customise mobile template.

  • Tick on Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices radio button.
  • Choose mobile template as Default.
  • Click on Save.
  • That's all.

To Sum Up

Displaying ads on mobile version of blogger blog template is definitely worth to earn additional income through the traffic comes from Mobile phones, I pad, other Tablets, etc and so on. 

I hope this tutorial is going to be very useful for everyone especially for bloggers. Share your reviews here via comments.

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