People from around the world use Facebook and Twitter to share their interests, ideas and also for communication purpose. For both personal and commercial intention, these biggest social networking sites are browsed by millions of people. A user who use both social networks may want to share anything quickly. For this, they need to sign in to both networks one by one.
Instead of dual sign in process, you can opt to link Facebook to Twitter.

Advantages Of Linking Facebook To Twitter

  • This method saves your time and so you can do some other work.
  • It is very useful for one who post and shares much.
  • Sharing once on Facebook will automatically ping it to Twitter instantly.
  • You won't miss your Twitter followers.
  • You can connect both your Facebook profile and pages to Twitter. 

Are you one of them who use Facebook and Twitter for sharing your status message and also for sharing useful links from various websites?, then connect your Facebook profile or pages to Twitter by following the simple steps given below:

Link Facebook To Twitter

  • Log in to your both Twitter and Facebook account and go to this link 
  • If you are already on your Facebook home page, then add "/twitter/" next to without any quotation marks.

  • Click on Link My Profile to Twitter or Link a Page to Twitter.
  • This will take you to another page as shown below.

  • Link your profile or pages to Twitter as per your wish by clicking on Link to Twitter.
  • Then it will take you to Twitter website in order to authorize.

  • Click Authorize app.
  • Within few seconds, it will redirect you back to Facebook.

  • That's all, now we have connected it successfully.
  • You can also edit the settings. So that it is easy to control which one do you want to share to Twitter such as photos, status updates, video, links, notes and events. 

  • Click on Save Changes. 
Also there is an option to unlink Facebook from Twitter. Alternatively, you can also unlink Facebook directly on the Twitter website. Let's see how to do it.
  • On your Twitter home page, go to Settings > Apps > Revoke access

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