Undoubtedly, for Bloggers, Adsense is the top most ad network. When you think about make money online, blogging is a great thing to make money with Google. In the previous post, we discussed about how to display adsense ads on mobile version blogger template. In this post, we are going to see some of the fundamental methods to increase Adsense revenue in order to make money fast at online. 

Without violating any rules given by adsense, we need to follow some ideas to rise or boost adsense revenue.

Adsesne new interface includes more features to diagnose earnings. Generally Google ads generates high income but definitely not all ads serves the same. Most ads show are relevant to the content and some may not be like that. Having an eye on CPC (Cost Per Click) and so targeting high CPC keywords which will brings you quicker rise in daily earnings. 

Location and Size of Ads

The location of ad is the most important thing in terms of CTR (Click Through Rate). If you put the ads in right place, then there will be maximum CTR. Test the best place to display adsense ads on your blog/website by randomly changing its position. Whenever you notice high CTR for longer time, then make sure to note the ad placement which suits the best. You can place ads above the fold. Blending the ads corresponding to the site's design have worked well. Misleading placement of ads leads to get yourself banned from adsense. Significantly, have a look at adsense ad placement policies

Though ad placement plays a good role, but not all the sizes of ads does work. Along with positioning the ads, likewise play with different sizes of existing ads. Display/Text ads works well but if you optimize your site for Link ad units, then are lucky. 

Adsense for Search - Custom Adsense Search Box

As adsesne offers several ways to boost revenue, we need to take advantage of all the possible ways. Not only, it is useful for navigation purpose but also for better monetization. The only disadvantage with Adsense search box is that, it will increases the page loading time.

Adsense Blacklist url list

Even though there is no problem with CTR, adsense revenue will be low due to low CPC. Some advertisers really pays very less. Roughly some sites make ads for their page views. This is the biggest reason for lower CPC. If you really sure about which sites are performing badly, take a note of it and block them in Allow & block ads section. 

US Traffic

Currently if you target USA traffic, it will ends up in getting high CPC. Also target countries like Canada and UK to improve adsense revenue.  

YouTube Monetization

We love to watch videos and there is no doubt in it. If you like to upload videos on YouTube, you could make money with YouTube publisher program. Just uploading videos on YouTube and monetizing it with banner ads or videos ads is not enough to earn a single penny. It really depends upon viral traffic. Engagement with social networks are fine to share your videos to go viral, but the quality does matters and is important to reach every part of the world.

To Summing Up

For many, adsesne is the only source of income. If you are one of them, the tips which I have mentioned above would be useful to boost your adsesne revenue. Use responsive design for your site and place ads matching to it and thereby earn big. If you know some other tips which worked for you to maximize adsense revenue, don't hesitate to share it via comments. 

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