Windows Operating System is the powerful OS since 2000. You could see that most of the PC users prefer Windows OS rather than any other OS products. This shows the stability of this particular OS. Windows OS is available for both 32 bit and 64 bit hardware. The demand for this product is high and insane. Wherever you go whether a shopping complex, bank, office and some other place, they are using Windows OS on their computer system.

If you have a DVD with Windows OS on it, you may need to backup the OS. Hence, you wish to download the iso file image of an OS in order to burn it to the DVD or pendrive. I tell you that you can create an iso file image with the existing OS on DVD without download a new iso image. For that, you need to follow the instructions which I have mentioned below. Let's see the step by step guide. 

1.Create ISO Image From DVD

  • Insert the DVD in DVD writer. Then open the DVD and copy the entire files in it. Don't forget to save the files in a separate folder on your computer.

                                 create iso from DVD

                create iso from DVD
  • Download Burnaware software. It is very useful in terms of creating iso file image from a DVD setup file. Not only it is used for creating iso image but also it has various features. According to my opinion, it is the best dvd burning software. Also premium and professional versions are available to buy.
  • Install Burnaware and run as administrator.
  • Click on Make iso.
  • Select Universal Disk Format radio button and click ok.

  • Click on Add Files.
  • Choose the DVD file setup where you have backed up the OS.
  • Select all the files included in it. 

  • Click on Add. Wait for few seconds till it take all the files. After that, click Close.
  • Then you need to click on Make, which is present in the top left side of the screen. 
  • It will ask you for saving the iso file. So, create a new folder and name the file as your wish and click Save.

  • Wait for couple of minutes to convert the DVD setup file to iso image. 
  • Now here is the iso image file. Make a bootable USB installer pendrive. 

Now we are going to see on how to burn the iso image file to USB pendrive. Suppose, if you already having an iso image, then just follow the steps given below:

2.Burn ISO Image File To USB Pendrive

Using pendrive as a USB storage is an old idea. So, I recommend you to use USB in this method as it is more compatible and portable than DVD.
  • Burning the Windows iso image file to a DVD or USB requires a special tool called Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. This software is provided by Microsoft. Just download it.
  • Run the software.
  • Plug the USB pendrive.
  • Browse for the iso file which we have saved it on hard drive.

  • Select USB and click Next.
  • Choose the removable disk.i.e Pendrive.
  • Then start to burn.

  • After the successful completion of burning iso to USB, install the OS on your computer machine.

To Sum Up

If you found any other error in this whole process or if you know better solution, please let me the know it via comments.

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