Are you a writer? Do you love to write articles about technology, business, medicine or some other thing? If you want to tell your stories to the world for free, then blogging is the only way to ping your stories to the people. Your articles will reach everywhere silently with only by your hard work. So, in order to deliver your ideas to the readers, you need to choose the best platform to grab the visitors. 

Most of the newbie blogger choose sub-domains platform to start their work. Actually the standard domain name url is ends with .com/.net/.org/.edu and so on. But the sub-domains url address is ends with, etc. These sub-domains are completely free and also everyone can open many blogs. Among those sub-domain, is so popular and there are numerous blogspot blogs are existing on the Internet. Generally, blogspot blogs are hosted by Google at a subdomain of .

Why Choose

Here are some of the reasons I can suggest you to choose blogger's blogspot.

  • Blogspot is owned by the giant Google.
  • It's a completely free service. 
  • The user interface of blogspot is very simple and so it's easy to post an article, changing templates and other settings.
  • You can add Google Adsense to your blog to earn money.
  • It's a good SEO practice to get traffic to your custom domain website by setting up an active blogspot blog.
  • Posting unique articles with more than 700 words will get a good page rank.
  • Blogspot is very powerful than Hubpages, Wordpress and Tumblr in terms of driving huge traffic. So, you can comfortably deliver your article to large amount of people. 
  • Blogger blogspot is spam protected.
  • It cannot be hacked easily if you use 2 step verification for your Gmail id.
  • You can easily move your blogspot blog to a top level custom domain. 

Google Loves Blogs Having Responsive Design

During the initial start of my blog, I cannot see many templates which suits my wish. Some of the template designs available within blogger's blogspot are Simple, Dynamic Views, Awesome Inc. Also bloggers's blogspot is not having plenty of templates. The default templates in blogger is not at all pleasant to our eyes. But you can customize those templates if you know the basic knowledge of html and css. Alternatively it also enables the user to upload third party templates. There are vast variety of blogger templates available around the Internet. Both freemium and premium templates are there to grab them.  

What is the Google's point of view on blog's design?

"Sites that serve all devices on the same set of URLs, with each URL serving the same HTML to all devices and using just CSS to change how the page is rendered on the device. This is Google’s recommended configuration."

So, please ensure that your blog is fully optimized with better navigation for PC and other mobile browsers. Many existing blogs are not indexed in top pages of Google search. This is only because of the poor navigation of blog. Most important think is that your blog should be optimized for search engine spiders.

How To Make Google Love Your blog?

As I said that Google loves the blog having responsive design but is it just enough ? The answer should be NO. First of all, design is must and secondly your content. A blog with plenty of content is the only foundation to attract the readers. It is just similar to a home with strong basement. If the basement is weak, then the entire building will get collapsed at any time. Not only for me but every blogger's mantra is " Content is King and the distribution is Queen". The content should be purely unique which can only makes your blog different from other blogs or websites. If you have the ability to convert a visitor to a follower of your blog, then you are on the line of success. 

Naturally top level domain websites are respected by people everywhere. So, if you want the same response for your sub-domain blog and also to be loved by people, your blog should look attractive with useful and unique content. If you can produce unique articles, people will tends to love your blog and so Google will do the same without fail.

To Sum Up

If you are a serious blogger, first you must love your blog. Fill your blog with your own ideas and then Google will automatically find your blog and deliver it to the readers. Hard work can only brings success because hard work never fails and it won't go in vain.

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