Google Chrome Internet browser was released on September 2008 which has not wasted a single moment in dominating the web world. People loves to browse the web every time to know something new. Google is very good at understanding the user's essential requirements. To take care of their needs, Google often offer various innovations to satisfy them via creative technology.
Also FireFox,Opera, IE and Safari has already got good reviews, but still Chrome continues to retain its Crown. It is because of it's security features with updates. In this post, I'm going to express some of the best Google Chrome extensions. 

Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller

While reading online, whenever you scroll down a web page by pressing Page Down keyboard button or by scrolling mouse wheel, it won't be pleasant to your eyes since, you may get skipped to another line. In FireFox, it comes with smooth scroll by default. Now it's the time to turn ON the fluid flow scrolling feature by adding a simple Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller plugin. After you have installed this extension, start to browse the new web page or refresh the current page; you will definitely feel like you are driving a car. 

Google Dictionary(by Google)

Dictionary is one of the best tool to learn a foreign language. Google Dictionary is very simple to use. With this extension you can explore the following 3 awesome features:
  • Double-click on any word to view it's synonym,meaning and definition in a small pop-up bubble.
  • Select a word, then click the Google Dictionary tool, (right to the omni box search bar. i.e the toolbar) to view the complete definition.
  • Store the history of words you look up to practice those words later on. To do that simply right-click the plugin in the tool bar, then choose options to configure it.
Many languages were supported by this extension. So, there is no need to download separate dictionary software program for each languages. 

Panic Button

Panic Button is very helpful in case if you want to hide multiple tabs instantaneously. You just need to do a single click on this extension. Afterwards, the Panic Button's colour turns from red to green and it also shows you how many tabs were hidden currently. The tabs are then saved as bookmarks in a separate folder. Again if you do a click on this extension, it completely restores all the hidden tabs at high speed. If you don't wish to restore all the tabs, then delete the temporary panic folder in Chrome's other bookmarks folder. You can also put a password, hence no one can restore the tabs other than you. Therefore, it prevents other users from spying you. It also allows you to hide and restore the tabs by using keyboard short cut. The default short-cut key is F4. You may also change the short-cut key by configuring the Panic Button extension.

Turn OFF the Lights

Turn OFF the Lights is a beautiful extension which is specially made for the users who loves to watch videos online. If you are watching the videos without switching to full screen mode, then use this extension. It makes the background darker which will surely delights your eyes by giving theatre effect. It requires one click mod to Turn Off/On the lights. 

Add This-Share & Bookmark

If you love a content, you may want to share it with some one or many to inform them. Social share button is a must for every website to spread the fragrance of the content wider. If you are unable to find the share button or else you want to share a page quickly, then use the Add This extension to share the web page to existing social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+,Tumblr,Digg,Stumbleupon, and the list goes on and on. Alternatively you can share a web page just by right-clicking and choosing Add This from that page's context menu.

To Sum Up

Here I have listed some of the best Google Chrome extensions to raise your browsing experience. If some extensions does not works, just refresh the page you are surfing to fix it. Enjoy browsing!!

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