Every Magician states that, "Magic is an art". It comes under supernatural powers or just an illusion. It is impossible to decide whether the magic is real or not. It's because our mind is filled with doubts. If one part of the mind enters into the belief system and the other part rejects it but only requires evidences to believe. Even the simple magic tricks performance can trick our mind and makes us confused.

No one will hesitate to learn the magic tricks as this involves abundant practices to develop our talents. In this post, I'm going to list the best websites to learn magic tricks. 


Here you are going to learn easy magic tricks. This site will completely teach you simple close up tricks which was performed by top magicians. To surprise the crowd around you, learn all the magic tricks from this website.  


As the name tells that you can learn completely free magic tricks from this site. Also this site sell Magic trick tutorial CDs. For beginner, it's a good start to learn more cool magic tricks from here.


This site provides some free magic tricks and mostly it sell DVDs which contains amazing magic tricks videos, tutorials and much more. To perform skilled magic tricks, visit their site & if you like, you could buy the required DVDs.


Here, it offers you to learn easy mind reading and prediction tricks. Also you could learn magic tricks with cards. To fool your friends, grab the ideas to perform fantastic card tricks, illusions,etc from this site. For those who want to learn advanced magic, then go on with Pro magic section which is too available in this site. 


While I'm browsing this site, it fully surprised me to the extent. You know why? This site guides you to learn thousands of simple and professional magic tricks. With the simple step by step procedure, it's really so good to learn with much curiosity. 


Composed of 12 individuals behind this site, giving their souls to give a fruitful life to this site ellusionist. With their ideas and hard work, you will feel the creativity which exists from their tutorials. Their goal is to seed the mind blowing magic tricks in your mind beyond belief.

Ted Magic

In this site, there is a section about magic. The instructions and performances are given in videos. Advanced stage magicians have already moulded the art of magic. Watch every videos available here to please your eyes. 


Here you will get list of easy card trick, rope tricks, paper tricks and so on. This site is specially provides magic tricks for children. Give attention to the different types of card tricks as listed in this site. Other than magic, it provides knowledge for the pre-school children.



On YouTube channel "MagicTricks", you could browse ample of magic videos. In every video, the artist will perform his trick to surprise you and then will teach you on how to do it clearly. Already this channel has got plenty of subscribers. Also search for many other videos to learn magic tricks to cover the entire section of magic tricks.

To sum up

Now what? get ready to fill your mind with amazing magic tricks;by having much confidence, show your performances with your family and friends and amaze them with your action sequence. Practice makes a man perfect!! So practice magic tricks and mind-freak your friends. 

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