Internet users those who were having multiple accounts on websites may want to sign into more than one account at once. If you logged into one account and also want to open another account in the same browser, adding a new tab won't work at all. Instead of showing the new log in page, it would show the same account as it got merged.
To overcome this, we need to try some simple tricks to open more than one account. There are actually 3 more ways to sign into multiple accounts.

Sign into Multiple Accounts Using Different Browsers

Just a E-Mail ID is not only termed as an account. It may be of Facebook, Twitter, Google accounts or whatever. Browsing through different accounts using different browsers is the simple way to switching into various ID's. For example: if you want to manage multiple Twitter accounts, using more than one browser is the best choice.

So during critical situation, i.e., if your web browser became unresponsive, then switch to another browser. Hence, it's better to install 2-3 web browsers on your computer.

Log into Multiple Google Accounts in the Same Browser

For E-Mail service, most of the people prefer Gmail, a Google's product. The reason behind is not just one. I can tell that Gmail is popular for its Anti-Spam feature and large data storage. If you are a Gmail user, you don't even need to switch to another browser to log into other account. 

If you have logged into your Gmail ID and then want to log into another account, you need to click on your profile photo (while hover the mouse cursor on your profile photo, it will show your full name and Gmail ID) which is at top right side in your account. Click on Add account. That's it. A new tab will get open for you to sign into another account. When you click on sign out while using multiple sign in, then you will be signed out of all your accounts at the same time.

Anonymous Browsing Mode

Privacy mode which is also knows as Ghost mode is a feature supported by some web browsers. In Google Chrome, it is called as Incognito browsing mode. It allows you to browse the web without storing your foot print. i.e., the browser won't store your browsing history, cache and cookies. So, take advantage of this feature in order to sign into multiple accounts on websites.

The short-cut key for enabling the privacy or incognito mode in your browser is given below:
  • For Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+N
  • For Opera: Ctrl+Shift+N
  • For FireFox: Ctrl+Shift+P
  • For Internet Explorer: Ctrl+Shift+P
For Safari users, you need to select Private browsing from the Safari menu.

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