Hi guys!!Today I'm going to share with you about a cool Google Chrome's extension named "Humble New Tab Page". This chrome app is designed and developed by Isiah Billingsley who is a graduate from the University of Toronto. Shall I start a review on this beautiful app?... :) Let's take a look. Whenever you like a web page, normally what you do?
You do bookmark that page first by using the key 'Ctrl+D'. After some time when you have bookmarked many pages, you would go on to have a glance at your bookmarks list.

In Chrome browser, by default it shows a list of bookmarks with scroll which is appeared at the right hand side of desktop screen. It's kinda looks tiny and some time it's frustrate to read the entire list. But don't worry guys. Here is a nice alternative way. Also it's an alternative to the Speed Dial look. Humble New Tab Page execute your favourite bookmarks list in a separate page when you click on New Tab on your Chrome browser. Also it displays your most visited web pages,default apps provided by Google (such as Gmail, YouTube, Google drive, Google search and Chrome web store), recently closed tabs, and a weather report with updates for your location. This extension replaces the default new tab page. It tracks your Geo location to get the weather news. You can also deny if you don't want to track your location or else you could change the location. Actually this extension impressed me because of these following features. What are they?

  • Juicy User Interface; It's just awesome tastes like android flavour
  • Showing the list in a separate page
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Minimal new tab page
  • You can select which one to appear on new tab's page
  • Provides settings option
  • Changing the fonts and their size with awesome attractive colours
  • Customizing the theme, layout, highlight, animation and background image 
  • Completely clean and immaculate look

To install this app in to your chrome's browser as an extension, click on the Chrome store image given below. you will then redirect to the chrome's web store. 

Then tab on Add to Chrome.That's all!

Final Words

I can tell you surely that this extension won't disappoint you. You will definitely find it as very useful. Click the 'Advanced' tab of this app, you can get the css code for this extension as this entire app is fully licensed as open source.
Any question? Submit your valuable comments below. I love to hear your words... :)                                                                                                              

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