Want to download torrent files? Here is a simple solution for you. All over many Internet surfers use this app as a torrent download client. µTorrent is an easy tool for the newbies who want to get the torrent content."µ" is a Greek work also said to be "mu". This torrent client is widely used except in China.But you know this client supports Chinese language too. This software app is in active since 2005. Initially this app is developed by Ludvig Strigeus, a Swedish program developer. Later it is owned by Bit torrent Inc.

µtorrent is commonly available for major operating system such as Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Linux and now also for Android. When comparing with other torrent clients, µtorrent has been largely praised. You know why? It's simply because of this app size. Though this torrent client looks tiny but the user interface of this app is so good. More over you can configure the settings of this app. 

It supports Magnetic link(Magnet Links were designed as an alternative to traditional tracker torrent files and became popularized when sites such as The Pirate Bay included native support for the format). 

µTorrent is very useful whenever you are using slow Internet connection; it helps you to download the required torrent file at any time by providing the options like pause/resume feature. After you have downloaded 25% of any video file via this torrent client, it allows you to stream the video torrents. 

Globally when a torrent file is downloaded by large number of torrent lovers, then super seeding process takes place which enhance the further users to download the torrent file at maximum speed. Sounds good Na?:) 
Also you can boost the torrent file speed by seeding, after the file is completely downloaded.


  • Full proxy server 
  • Https tracker 
  • Customizable search bar
  • 66 languages
  • Streaming of video torrent file 
  • Magnetic link URI
  • Super seeding of torrents
  • Pause/Resume feature

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