Today I'm going to suggest you an android app called SHAZAM. So what's new in this app? Shazam is an excellent music tracker which helps you to discover the copyrighted songs, music and so on. In some situation, you may hear a music track which kept your mind and heart more pleasant or it makes you to take part in to the relaxed state and it is called as the power of the music which flows through your cells; I think I'm getting into very deep. Isn't it? :)  Okay let's coming to the review. 

First of all you need a stable Internet connection on your phone. Also don't forget to Switch On the Data traffic on your lovable android phone. Why I'm telling this because many guys(including me sometimes) forgot to turn On the Internet connection on their phone and they simply open this app to track the music but at the end it result in vain because they have really missed chance to the grab the music in their pocket.

With net connection enabled on your phone, open the Shazam app and touch on Shazam logo telling you to tag now. Keep your phone close to the music that is playing. The music must be loud or at least you should be able to hear the music clearly. Then it recognizes music and media from your surrounding environment. Even though there is a loud noise around you, this app clearly track your required music. It takes a couple of seconds to match the audio with the Internet database. 

If the music is not available on the Web or else the audio is said to be unauthorised one, it won't show the details. Instead it executes as " Sorry, a match could not be found for music". It's not a voice recording app also it can't recognize your voice though your are humming your favourite song which is available on the market.

Once you have tagged an audio, it shows the biography of the song or music with album name. Also it allows you to preview and save your tags. It gives more options such as you can buy the music or video from Amazaon, watch the video on Youtube, share your favourite tags with your cute friends through the leading social media such as G+, Facebook and Twitter or through e-mail.

Get the Shazam app directly from the Google Play Store.

In the Android Market, Shazam app ranked 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. It's a popular android app going to reach half million downloads. Definitely you too don't miss it.Cheers!!!

Shazam app was developed by Shazam Entertainment Limited.

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