If we don't want a file to be present in our PC, memory card or other flash memory drive, then we tends to delete the file entirely from the recycle bin too. Assuming that you have deleted a image file from PC. Then you may need that deleted file for a reason, but don't know what to do. Actually the deleted files does not completely get disappeared from the hard disk of your computer
machine. It's just gets hidden or invisible. If you have known this, then you may searched over the Internet on how to recover deleted files from recycle bin? there is a solution to your query. Recuva is a file recovery tool which is used to restore the deleted files from the recycle bin of your PC, memory card and hard drive. Okay, let's see how to use this simple recovery tool.

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  • First, download the Recuva software app from here.
  • Right click -->Run as administrator.
  • It needs a brief installation procedure, hence it is called as portable recovery app.
  • It will display a list such as "All files, Pictures, Music, Documents, Video, Compressed, Emails"
  • Choose a file type that you want to recover.

    • Click on Next.
    • Then the next window shows a list of file locations as follows: "I'm not sure(search everywhere on this computer), On my media card or ipod, In my documents, In the recycle bin, In a specific location and On a CD/DVD".
    • Choose as per your wish by clicking on the radio button and then click Next.
    • If you choose "On my memory card or ipod", then any removable memory devices such as memory card, USB flash drive must be inserted in order to recover the deleted files from the particular removable devices.

        • In the next window, Click Start to scan the deleted files.
        • If this method fails to show the deleted files, then in the same window, check or enable the "Deep scan" feature.
        • When results are executed, you can view the current state of each file by checking out the bullet colour (green - excellent, orange - poor, red - unrecoverable).
        • Then select the file, and finally hit "Restore or Recover" option.
        • Recuva supports all versions of Windows OS.
        PS: It takes lot of time to scan if you have checked the Deep scan facility. So be calm and patient.Except for Deep scan, Recuva works extremely fast, and uses a less amount of system memory.

        Obviously, the Recuva software is not a miracle box because sooner you use the recovery tool to get the deleted files, the chances are more that you can easily get back the deleted files. It may be impossible to recover the files which was deleted long time ago. 

        But keep in mind that, using the Recuva software app has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that it can recover your important files and the disadvantage is that it can also able to restore the files which you don't want to be present in the memory device. The disadvantage is comes in the situation where if you share the memory device with someone and they use recovery tool to restore the file from your device. I hope you could understand what I'm trying to explain regarding your personal purpose.


        If you have accidentally deleted files, then suddenly don't get freak out. Try Recuva which is your friend to help you out. Perhaps, it can get back the deleted files. 

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