Everybody needs some privacy. It's comes under their own rights. Most of the mobile users searched the Internet to find a solution to hide photos, videos, music, apps and also even messages for their personal use. So, I'm going to suggest you an Android app called Hide it Pro. After you have downloaded this app, you can't see the name as Hide it Pro, because this app is completely disguised as an Audio Manager in the app drawer.
Launch the app, you would be amazed to see that there is no option available to hide anything. Instead of showing the hide options, it displays several volume adjusting features. It allows you to adjust the volume too. On the top, long pressing the Audio Manager title takes you to explore the original feature and purpose of this app. 

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Below is the screenshot of Hide it Pro's home screen.

Then make a new numeric password. The default pin code is 8888
After that, it offers you to set up recovery E-mail. It lets you to retrieve your password in case if you have forgot it. Though it's an optional feature, so you can skip it and do it later on.

Then relaunch the app, enter your pin/password. Then it screens many options to hide pictures, videos, music, apps, messages, files. Select as per your choice. Then click on + symbol to create a folder to hide files. 

To lock apps, additionally you need to download App Locker Plugin. The plugin can only be launched from inside the Hide it Pro app. You don't see any icon on the app drawer.

To hide apps, it requires your Android phone must be got rooted.

Okay, if someone comes to know that you are hiding something on your phone, don't worry, it also has an extra brilliant feature. To dig it, click on Settings-->Login Settings-->Fake Password. 

Enter a new fake password/pin. Then click OK. 
Use this password/pin if you have ever got caught. Hence, this will make your pocket vault look empty and you will get escaped. 

Now get the app directly from the android market. Click here


There is also lot of features still available in this app. You just download the app and fully taste the app to its extent. Hide it Pro already got many positive reviews. It's an important must app for every android phone users :)

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