I don't know whether the Ghosts and Demons are exist. But all over the planet, people claim that they have seen Ghosts or heard some weird sounds. Even me too experienced many Ghost adventures; had nice quarrel with them and it's all happened in my dreams. All horror movies were produced to give a scary experience to the viewers. So if the viewers get immersed into the story line of the Ghost movies, then people starts to scare at least a little.
I hope you don't have the fear of Ghosts but one of your friends would be having Phasmophobia. I'm going to show you 2 simple tricks to scare your friends. It's just a prank, so don't get confused. You'll surely going to enjoy at the end. 

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Ghost In Facebook

  • Click the link given above.
  • Raise the volume level in your computer machine.
  • Browse the profile by moving your mouse cursor on the profile.
  • If the Ghost not appear, then click the user's friends list.
  • Then have fun.
PS: This trick is works on desktop computer and mobile phones or tablets if your device supports flash player. 

Scare Your Friends-Android App

Scare Your Friends-Shock!! is an Android app that will surprise your friends and they will definitely going to get frightened easily. For this, you are going to do some simple steps.
  • Choose a image given in the app.
  • Set the time limit.
  • Select a sound from the given list.
  • Then press Start scare your friend.


If your friend asked your android device to play games or something. Then open the app, set the time limit to high and next give your phone to your friend to start scaring. You just watch your friend's face expression casually. Enjoy!!!


Scaring others is always fun. If you know some other Ghost mode tricks you could comment below. 

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