Google's images search is a fantastic Internet tool to search for images. It's like an ocean which is only filled with both low and high quality images. Each and every photo present in the search engine results is belongs to it's author who have uploaded their images to Google +, Flickr, Picasa, and to their websites. If you type a name on Google images, you could browse through the abundant pictures related to what you have typed.
Assume, if you have a picture saved it in your computer which is taken from Internet but don't know the details of the particular picture, then what you will do? To get the answer, you could simply use the same Google images tool. By using Google images you could be able to discover where the photos was taken from by uploading an image. It will show the exact picture or related pictures. Its is called as reverse image search. Possibly it may also depict the exact location of a picture. 

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Many people didn't notice the "search by image" feature even though it is screened in front of our eyes. Here take a look:

How To Use?

  • Go to Google images.
  • You could see a camera logo saying Search by image  in the search box.
  • Click on it and select "Upload an image" option.
  • Choose file and upload an image from your computer.
  • Another easy method is that, just drag an image from any web page and move it to Google images search box.
  • Also browse through the Google search results which is indexed.

    The result will surprise you if the picture is available in the Google Images database.

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    The drag and drop image feature is not supported by Internet Explorer but in such case, you have to use the camera logo option to upload an image.

    Image Information

    • Get the entire details about the picture like where it was taken from? who is the author  of the image? what was the images is all about?

      Track Your Own Images

      • You can use this Google images tool to track your own pictures whether it has been used in some other websites or not in case if you have uploaded your picture to Internet.

      How To Find Out If Someone is Fake?

      • You could identify a fake profile picture of a person's account who were using social media sites such as Google Plus, Facebook, etc. For example, if the profile picture of an ID is present somewhere in the Internet with some other name, you could doubt that the profile picture is may be duplicated. This falls under any one of the following two categories based on timings. i.e., either the image used in the profile was then copied by some one or he/she uses the image in their profile which was copied from somewhere.


        Google images is an excellent tool to search by a name or search by image and of course even search by voice. Use this powerful tool and explore it in an effective direction. 

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