EasyBCD in which the BCD is an acronym for Boot Configuration Data is a program developed by NeoSmart Technologies to configure and tweak,a boot database first introduced in Windows Vista. EasyBCD can be used to set up multi-boot environments for computers on which various versions of Windows, Linux, BSD and Mac OS X can be simultaneously installed.EasyBCD can also be used to add entries to bootable tools and utilities as well as modifying and controlling the behavior of Windows boot menu.

EasyBCD has a number of boot loader-related features by which it issued to repair and configure the boot loader. From the "Manage Boot loader" section of EasyBCD, it is possible to switch between the Windows Vista and Windows XP boot loaders in the MBR (BOOTMGR and NTLDR, respectively) from within Windows by simply clicking a button. EasyBCD also supports changing the boot partition/drive that PC boots from.

EasyBCD can boot into Linux by one of two means:Namely

  • Chain loading GRUB/GRUB2/LILO
  • Neo Grub
EasyBCD can chain load the Mac OS X Darwin boot loader in order to boot into OS X on another partition or physical disk. It doesn't require that Darwin be installed to the boot sector of the OS X partition


  • EasyBCD can be used to change the boot drive,rename or change the order of any entries in the boot loader
  • In the Diagnostics Center, it is possible to reset a corrupt BCD storage and automatically create the necessary entries for the current operating system,as well as search for and replace missing or corrupt boot files
  • Supports multiple languages

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