Hello friends, do you have iphone,ipod and so on products also a windows pc? Here is a nice app for you specially. Copy Trans ,also knows as Copy Pod is the professional backup and recovery tool for your iPod, iPhone and iPad. Transfer iPod music, videos, give ratings, play lists, artwork and more from i products to PC. Copy iPhone songs and import them to the iTunes library. Backup iPhone music from iPhone to PC. Restore iTunes library from iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch or iPad.
Transfer music from iPod to PC.Copy or import iPod to iTunes. Save iPod, iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone songs, videos and more.ooh...much more options...:P

To make sure you are on the safe side all the time, Copy Trans Manager also inserts an eject tool which then let you to safely disconnect the iPod once you are OK with copying files. It's pretty cool to use, but in turn there is also an online help manual to let you to give tutor. It is very helpful in case if you did wrong with this app. It should all works like a charm but, if Copy Trans Manager isn't able to detect your iPod, then first check for the drivers which is essential for the app to run. 

In essence an advanced iPod manager, Copy Trans Manager presents you a very clean and straightforward interface that displays the iPod content, including songs and play lists, albums and artists.

With Copy Trans Manager, you can manage iPod, iPad and iPhone without iTunes. For this situation especially for windows pc users,this app was created. Surely a nice work by Wind Solutions Inc. You can add, edit, organize and play your songs, videos and play lists. Add songs and apps to iPod, iPad and iPhone without iTunes. It features drag and drop songs and videos to iPod and iPhone, can synchronize iPod instantly, and can apply changes immediately or at any desired moment. Manage and create play lists on iPhone and iPod Touch. 

Create new play lists on any iPod, also rename existing play lists, drag and organize songs into play lists. Play songs directly from iPod on any computer. Install directly on iPod (except iPhone and iPod Touch). Compatible with all Apple devices: iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 4 CDMA (Verizon), iPad, iPad2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod Touch 1-4G, iPod Nano 1-7G, iPod Video, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle 1-3G.

All things considered, Copy Trans Manager is the tool you need if you are still struggling with synchronization problems in iTunes, then this application sounds good because it does almost the same thing as the most popular Apple software solution; it makes everything so fluid to use that even the very beginners can enjoy all its features. Surely this app won't disappoint the Apple users..:) enjoy


After you have installed this software, it will ask for the required drivers to be installed in order to browse through this app. Click on 'Help' to get the essential drivers.


  •  Manage your iPod songs, add songs to your iPod, create and edit play lists, organize iPod songs into play lists
  • Copy or import ipod to itunes easily;so no more mess
  • Brushed metal skin surface
  • Very safe ipod database management
  • Nice UI

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