Hamster free video converts is a nice software app which always enables you to converts many types of video formats to AVI, MPEG, WMV, MKV, MP4, MP3, 3GP, SWF and WAV. Do you want to upload videos to youtube?This software helps to convert the video file to be perfectly available for uploading into youtube. Not only this,also you can able to commute any video file format to a DVD format. (usually DVD format includes two folders,one is audio folder and the another is a video folder with necessary codecs).

We like the very fine option which is present in this program is that you can choose the required mobile devices from the list to change the video file. By default, you would be prompted to select the devices such as Apple. Sony. MIcrosoft, Nokia, Htc, Samsung, Black berry, Motorola, LG, Iriver, Creative, Archos. Well, it's important to note down that its the must software app in converting the video files to be exactly supported for large number of mobile devices too.

Hamster free video converter is easy to use. You want to know why?It's because of its clean and nice user interface. Unlike other video converter UI, it provides u a smooth effects while are using it. So now what?Upload a video file into this program select a file format or device click start to perform the action. Wait for a while,and get the file. 


  • light weight and nice UI
  • Supports to convert a video file to FLV,MPEG,MP3,MP4,WMV,MKV,3GP,WAV,etc
  • Just you need three steps to start convert a video file
  • Supports 40 languages
  • Does not require technical brain to use
  • Adjusts audio video bit rate, frame rate
  • Converts many video files in batches

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