Defraggler app is a freeware edition defragmentation utility developed by Piriform, which allows users to defragment individual files on their computer system. Ok then what is the meaning of defragmentation of hard drive? Disk defragmentation describes the process of consolidating fragmented(separating some files) files on your computer's hard disk. Defraggler runs on Microsoft Windows; it has support for all versions since Windows XP. It includes support for both 32 and x64 versions of windows.

Defraggler can defragment individual files, groups of files (in a folder) or an entire disk partition, either by the user's command or automatically on a schedule.
It supports FAT32, NTFS, and exFAT. It can also be installed as a portable application on a USB flash drive. 

Defragmenting RAID disks are also supported, although no details are supplied. This app reduce the wear and tear on your hard drive, and make you and Windows more efficient. Defraggler can defrag a single drive at once.

You can use Defraggler to defragment any file or folder without opening the main application. During the installation process, you are given the option to add an extension to Windows Explorer 'Add Defraggler menus to Windows Explorer'. 

If you're working with a relatively new PC, if you've defragmented your drive recently, or if you don't use your PC much, you may not need to defragment. Use the Analyze feature to determine how fragmented your drive. Use Defraggler to perform a standard defragmentation, or you can run a Quick Defrag. The Quick Defrag will run much more quickly, but will not have as optimal a result as the standard defrag. 

By defragmenting the freespace on your hard drive, you will improve Windows' performance when writing new files. You'll also help prevent new files from being fragmented. Defraggler can able to check a drive for errors. This procedure uses the standard Windows disk-checking procedure, but it works inside Defraggler.


  • Organizes empty disk space to further prevent fragmentation
  • Defragment while you sleep - and wake up with a faster PC. Set Defraggler to run daily, weekly or monthly
  • Full Windows OS and Multi-lingual support
  • Boot time defrag of system files
  • Supports 37 major languages
  • Give your hard drive a quick touch-up with Quick Defrag

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