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City Life News premium blogger template. it is magazine style template. super ad ready and nice design with responsive or size re-sizable advantage.  Nice featured post in automatically used.

  • Configure this template
Configur Your Meta Tags Find below meta tags and change description and keywords in red.
 Search Code Fix
As far as I know for search you can change it with google search or if you would like to keep as is please find the search code

Then Find this code:

Now Replace with below code 


1, To Change Header Logo
find the code below:

  Basnetg CityLife

 4 To change social Links

twitter facebook rss              

Change red links to your social links
 5, To change Labels and Categories on Homepage
 Find this code:

label1 = "U.S. Cities";
Title1 = "U.S. Cities";

label2 = "European Cities";
Title2 = "European Cities";

label3 = "Middle-East Cities";
Title3 = "Middle-East Cities";

label4 = "Asian Cities";
Title4 = "Asian Cities";

label5 = "Oceanic Cities";
Title5 = "Oceanic Cities";

label6 = "African Cities";
Title6 = "African Cities";

label7 = "Nepal";
Title7 = "Nepal";

label8 = "Feature";
Title8 = "Feature";
Now preview and Save Template, You are Done!

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