In the previous post, I have explained about how to increase Facebook security. Facebook code generator is very helpful to secure your account. It's just like Step-2 verification which is provided by Gmail. But in case if your phone has been stolen or else you have changed your phone number, then from where you will get the security code to log into your account? In such a critical situation, you may want to disable Facebook code generator to feel free.

Just follow the simple steps to cancel the Facebook code generator. 

Disable Facebook Code Generator via PC

  • Log into your Facebook account.
  • Go to Settings > Security > Code Generator.
  • Then click on Edit > Disable Code Generator.

  • Then just tap on Remove Code Generator.

Now, check whether you have successfully bypassed the Facebook security log in approval. If it's not seems to be working, it is surely a major bug. But again feel free, as there is no need to worry at all. Because there is another step you should do to deactivate the FB code generator.

Remove Your Phone Number From Facebook

  • Go to Settings > Mobile.

  • Then click on Remove to completely remove your phone number from Facebook account.
  • Now, all you have done! 
Once again if you try to log in to your Facebook account, it won't ask you to enter security log in code. 

Add a new phone number suppose if you want to secure your Facebook account.

To Sum Up

For me too, when I disabled the code generator, I thought that finally I have deactivated the security feature but it went in vain. It again and again asked me to enter the security code. After that I have removed the phone number from Facebook to get rid of this bug. 

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