The word "Technology" can make everyone to look forward to the future. Thinking out of box can only helps us to innovate something new to this wonderful world. In today's world, people from several parts of the planet cannot live without the technology gadgets. This is because it makes the place filled with useful materials made by the inventors who were from various countries. 
Technology built our lifestyle like a pyramid structure. Every year, someone from some where formulate technology gadgets and presents it for our use in which selected gadgets entered into our day-to-life. The popularity of a gadget can be defeated only through introducing enhanced corresponding gadget.

This article is all about the techno gadgets that is purely brought out to rock the human lifestyle.

Wearable Computing

These computers are solely disguised as accessories got lot of attention throughout the year(2014). The user experience could be much more personal and makes us it to feel safe when comparing it with the handsets such as phones,palmtop. You know why? the reason is that the device is worn on the body. 

This gives the user more approachability to real time information and more individualized feedback, especially fitness devices and health care gadgets. This wearable technology does not need any ultimate skill to explore it. The interaction with other people by using wearable technology completely fade out the face to face communication. 

Smart Watch Locator

Practically it's impossible to trust any children with a smart phone which could get easily broken or lost. So, to give a proper solution, FiLIP Technologies inc., introduced vast variety of vivid Smart Watches which is a wrist worn devices. In this device, parents can pre-program more than three phone numbers into it which is normally acts as a wearable GSM phone. 

The main features available in this device are inbuilt GPS, GSM cellphone tower location and finally WI-FI hot spot circle. With the help of GPS, as everyone knows it must acts as a tracking device. This device is powered specially for parents to notice their child's movement under their scrutiny via a smart phone app. It is very useful unless if someone didn't take off the Smart Watch.

Pen Style Mouse

For the past couple of decades, wired mouse played an important part while using desktop computers; those computers are used in offices and then it took a play wall in households. People used wired mouse as a input device and it dominated the world for more than 35 years, then later on wireless mouse has been arrived due to improvement in technology. And now, it's the time to taste the Pen Style Mouse.

It's just like holding a pen comes with the elimination of trouble which we have experienced while carrying a normal mouse horizontally. The tip of Pen Style Mouse is finished with a ceramic roller ball. The Pen Style Mouse is specially designed for doing various works such as art painting, CAD designing, gaming, photo editing and much more!! 

Sensor and Cloud Technology

The average city population as high of 3-3.5 billion due to the advanced accommodation and technology in urban areas. By 2050, that number is expected to double. To stand up with the world’s growing urban population, cities are working to improve efficiency with sensors and cloud technology.
Today, most cities prefer sensors to find new oil locations, and collect meteorological information through street light. Cities will connect sensors & cloud technology to collect transportation, environmental data, health care and so on. 

High Speed Internet

Days of browsing Internet with slow speed has gone. Everything is now so fast and furious. Yes Everything!!! Nowadays no one will prefer less bandwidth even it's an free Internet connection. People requires high speed Internet with unlimited bandwidth. As the communication between our loved ones is going on via Internet, at least 1 GB of bandwidth per hour is much needed to do video conferencing. 

The universal view on Fiber-optic Internet has already got eight stars out of ten. According to today's trend, this only can have the ability to fulfil the need of high speed Internet. This super fast Internet technology is available in limited locations. The top fiber-optic Internet providers, Google Fiber and Verizon FiOS has revolved their service in certain locations of United States. In the nearby future, it is expected to get rolled in all major cities of the world.

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